empowering autonomous systems to make better decisions

Automated driving Solutions 

Motion Planning & Energy Management

Industry Solutions 

Turbine pitch control, Industrial Machines & more

Aerospace Solutions 

Trajectory Planning for reusable rockets

About us

Embotech is a leading developer of cutting-edge decision-making software. Our embeddable software empowers autonomous systems to make decisions by solving complex optimization problems in milliseconds, bringing significant improvements in safety, productivity and energy efficiency. Current applications include Automated Driving, Industrial and Aerospace Solutions.


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latest News

Embostory Aldo Zgraggen

Mar 31, 2021

Meet Aldo Zgraggen, Embotech's Head of Aerospace

Embotech opens Munich subsidiary

Jan 26, 2021

With our new business premises at the Munich-based Technology Centre, we are moving closer to our German customers.

Partnership with Seoul Robotics

Jan 8, 2021

Together with Seoul Robotics, we are developing solutions for fleet automation in vehicle production plants and distribution centers, offering high benefits in efficiency and safety as well significant cost savings for vehicle factories.