FORCESPRO is designed in the light of applicability for a wide range of industries. Features like the fast computation time and the small memory size make it suitable for the most demanding applications. FORCESPRO can handle complex system dynamics, limited hardware power and small available computation times. The auto-generated solvers for your problem enable the huge potential of embedded optimization to be exploited in various applications and industries. Find out more about pioneering solutions in the automotive, space and industry vertical that were built up-on FORCESPRO.

AUTOmated driving

FORCESPRO is applied in a wide range of automated driving applications. These include:

  • Motion planning for autonomous/automated driving
  • Energy management for hybrid electric vehicles
  • Powertrain control



FORCESPRO is trusted by many clients from the industrial segment. It has been succesfully applied for:

  • Wind energy systems
  • Laser cutting and other manufacturing processes
  • Robotic motion planning



FORCESPRO is an enabling technology in various fields and aspects of aerospace applications:

  • Orbital Class Reusable Launcher Vehicles 
  • Space Debris Removal and In-Orbit Servicing
  • Drone Collision Avoidance


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