OUR SOLUTION TOwards ISO26262 certification

PROTECT is our solution to meet the requirements of the road vehicle functional safety standards (ISO26262). We have started the certification process in Q4 2019, and we expect PROTECT to achieve the Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) B in Q3 2021, and the ASIL D in Q3 2022.

PROTECT is a downstream component that validates one or multiple trajectories (generated via one, or many redundant motion planners) and only send validated commands to the vehicle’s actuators. Because it is a certified component, PROTECT removes the extremely hard requirement of certifying the complex motion planning software, which will only need to be Quality Managed (QM).







PROTECT can be used in two ways. As a standalone product to provide a level of certification to a customer’s motion planning software. Or in conjunction with PRODRIVER, to provide certification, as well as redundancy via an independently developed motion planner that generates backup trajectories in parallel with the customer’s main motion planner.

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